Safety & Security

Physical Security

Safety and security is a priority and so CCTV is in operation during nursery hours as well as a full fire alarm system.

Drop Off and Pick Up

An onsite car park is provided to ensure the dropping off and picking up of children is as safe and stress-free as possible.

Control of Entry

The management team operates a door entry system. It is strictly forbidden for any parent/guardian or visitor to answer the DayDream Nursery entrance door at any time. We meet and greet all visitors not only for the sake of communication but also to ensure that security is as tight as possible. Although we do have a PIN number access, we only use this facility for the DayDream Nursery staff.
We believe it offers yet another personal element to our nursery.

We feel parents/guardians should be guaranteed that every effort has been made to ensure the well being of their child whilst in our care.

What's Going On

We close for Christmas 2021 Wednesday 22nd December @ 6pm We re-open in the New Year Tuesday January 4th @ 8am Our email address
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