Communication and Feedback

In order for DayDream Nursery to offer you the best possible service we feel it is vital to keep you informed of new developments within both the company and the child care industry.

We therefore have a number of ways of communicating this information to you including:-

  • Noticeboard -  For your daily attention where items of interest will be displayed along with activities and menus.
  • Regular Newsletter - To highlight important changes or information such as closing times, etc.
  • Written observations - Which are used to keep records of your child's development up to date and parents are invited to view these records by making an appointment for a one to one with the manager.
  •  Verbally and through a diary system - In order to keep up to speed regarding current interests and activities of your child outside of nursery.
We do pride ourselves on communication and each time a parent enters DayDream, they are always greeted by either Jayne or Jill, as we feel its good practice to have a manager to communicate with.

What's Going On

We close for Christmas 2021 Wednesday 22nd December @ 6pm We re-open in the New Year Tuesday January 4th @ 8am Our email address
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