Terms and Conditions

1. Registration

A non-refundable registration fee together with a completed and signed application form registers your child within the nursery. Upon being offered a place a deposit is payable in advance to secure the place. This will be held until the final months attendance. Two month’s written notice is required to terminate the place.

2. Hours

The nursery opening times are 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday, 51 weeks of the year, closed Bank Holidays and during the Christmas period. Christmas close dates will be notified in October. Late collection will result in a penalty payment.

3. Fees

Monthly fees fall due for payment one month in advance. Invoices will be issued on or around the 15th of the previous month, and must be settled by that month end as cleared funds. A 10% penalty will be levied for late payments. Acceptable payment method is Standing Order. For security reasons we do not accept cash payments. Fees are calculated over a 51-week year, divided into 12 months. Bank charges incurred from returned cheques will be added to the following months fees.

4. Sickness and Holiday

Refunds or discounts are not provided for periods of absence such as sick or holidays.

5. Medical Issues

No child will be accepted for admittance if suffering from a contagious illness, or in the interests of all concerned is considered by the manager too sick to attend the nursery. In cases of prescribed medication exclusion will be a minimum of 24 hours from the commencement of the course. Signed permission must be given from the parent/guardian to a senior member of staff to administer medication. Forms can be obtained by request. All medication must be clearly named and will be stored in a lockable cabinet. In the event of a child being taken ill at the nursery the contact numbers provided will be used. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to arrange collection of the child as soon as possible. For each child an emergency medical consent form must be signed. In cases of emergency all attempts will be made to contact the parent/guardian.

6. Change of Details

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the nursery in writing of any changes in registration details. Alternative arrangements for collection of a child must be must be confirmed with a senior member of staff.

7. Meals

Breakfast, mid-morning snack, two course meal and tea are all included in the fees. All meals are home cooked on the premises using fresh produce. A weekly menu will be displayed. Special dietary requests can be catered for. Formula milk is to be provided by the parent/guardian ready and prepared in sterilised bottles.

8. Clothing

Appropriate clothing is required prioritising the child’s comfort and activity needs. All clothing should be clearly labeled. The nursery cannot take responsibility for loss of clothing or personal items. A spare set of clothes, and indoor footwear for the child’s comfort and safety are desirable. Nappies and changing products (where appropriate) should be provided on a daily basis. For your convenience we suggest a day bag consisting of: -

  • Spare set of clothing
  • Outdoor/indoor footwear
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Disposable Nappies, wipes and creams*
  • Made up formula*
  • Comforter*

*Where appropriate

We discourage toys being brought from home.

9. Parking, Drop-off and Pick-up

All dropping-off and picking-up must be carried out within the grounds of the nursery for safety and security reasons. At no time are parents/guardians allowed to admit anyone into the nursery.

10. Discipline

The nursery believes in promoting good behaviour, and valuing co-operation, and in this way hopes to ensure that children will develop as responsible members of society. At no time is physical or the threat of physical punishment permissible. Wherever possible children are encouraged to negotiate their own disputes under guidance and supervision. In the rare case of continual unacceptable behaviour of a child, the situation will be discussed with the parent/guardian. DayDream Nursery reserves the right to exclude a child from the nursery after all alternative avenues have been explored.

11. Equal Opportunities

No child shall be discriminated against in the nursery on the grounds of sex, race, colour or creed. We welcome children with Special Needs provided that provision is funded and available.

12. Policy and Procedures Manual

It is requested all parents/guardians familiarize themselves with our Policy and Procedures Manual. Copies are available on site for viewing.

13. In accepting a place at Daydream Nursery

You shall not at any time prior to the termination of this agreement and for three months after the termination either on your own or for any other person directly or indirectly endeavour to entice away from the Company any person who is an employee of the Company. In the circumstances where an employee resigns to accept employment with a current or past parent the new employer agrees to reimburse DDN the actual replacement cost of staff including any temporary cover that maybe required by the nursery. The minimum cost of this is currently set at £2000 and this figure will be due 14 days from the final day of employment of the employee.

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